Underlay all types of recommended underlay.

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Underlay all types of recommended underlay.
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23db Sound Reducing Underlay
23db Sound Reducing Underlay sold in a 10 m² roll
£68.99 per pack
3mm Green Foam Underlay
3mm Green Foam Underlay with Plastic Vapour Barrier sold in 15m² roll
£45.99 per pack
Heatflow 2mm Underfloor Heating Underlay
Heatflow 2mm Underfloor Heating Foam Underlay with Plastic Vapour Barrier sold in a 10 m² roll
£72.99 per pack

Bamboo Flooring Underlay

Our range of flooring underlays are made using premium quality material and modern techniques. Whether you need added insulation to keep your house warm, soundproofing for busy areas or a waterproof laminate flooring underlay, you can find it all within our wide collection to suit the needs of every room. Our underlays are ideal to be laid underneath flooring to provide insulation against moisture, sound and heat. We always recommend using underlay with any type of flooring installation. Underlays have several benefits to consider like they help to reduce the sounds that usually come from floating floors. They can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your flooring.
Subject to the type of underlay you choose, these can help to even out your subfloor and provide a better surface. They are super easy to install and can be used with floating floors. We supply a variety of flooring underlays including sound reducing underlay to suit all your flooring requirements for a new house or renovation. Our products are engineered for all subfloors and provides maximum performance.
We offer high-quality products in terms of durability and reliability, which provide maximum comfort and are easy to handle. You will definitely find the right product to fulfil your purpose. Explore and shop our range of products at competitive prices.