How do you acclimatise your Bamboo Flooring?

June 4, 2019 - bamboo-admin - News

When you purchase any of Bamboo Family Flooring’s range, we must insist that you prioritise acclimatising your new flooring before the installation process begins.


Like most conventional hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is no different and you must first acclimatise your flooring appropriately before installation. The implications of not following this process may cause your flooring to expand and contract, which often leads to warping and cupping.


We recommend that flooring is acclimatised for seven days prior to installation and a minimum of 72 hours in an area which is consistent with normal, year-round living conditions. Conditions are recommended to be the following:


  1. Room temperature of 20 -24C
  2. humidity range of 35-55%


These figures are recommended and must be maintained at all times throughout the installation process. If these conditions cannot be met, then external factors such as a dehumidifier may be required.


Flooring must ideally be stored in the installation area with all the boxes open and internal plastic wrap cut away. We strongly advise that flooring isn’t stored directly on concrete or against walls! In order to achieve the ideal appearance of your flooring then ensure planks are used from two to four cartons during the entire installation.


See image below for advised humidity levels and recommended acclimation timings.







We hope you enjoyed this blog and found it useful. If you would like to know more about our products or the installation process, then please get in touch with one of our team members and we would love to have a chat. We do advise all customers to stick to these recommendations in order to achieve a successful installation and to optimise your purchase.


The Bamboo Family.


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